What's In My Cup?

If you follow me on Instagram or facebook, you've probably seen my posts about my #magictherapy.

 So I've partnered up with a good friend of mine and we are planning on taking over the world with therapeutic ketones. 

I'm just kidding.... or am I ?

Therapeutic ketones have helped me so much, not only with my energy, but my sleep and the biggest benefit for me... my mood. 

I've struggled with severe anxiety and depression for a couple of years. I've been on a couple different types of anti depressants before one stuck. I remember feeling "okay" after I took my meds DAILY. I would also get very tired and drained because my brain was arguing with itself. "Should I accept the medication, or should I activate depression mode?" That was the question my brain would ask EVERYDAY. 

I was put on a high dose of anti depressants, which is not a good thing. My depression was so bad that I was contemplating suicide. I'm not looking for sympathy or anything like that.
It happened, I got help, I'm better now. 
Anyway,  I was suicidal. So they had to up my dose. I had to take it DAILY. I had to take it around the same time or else I would be super drowsy or be up all night thinking about conspiracy theories. 

So I started my ketones about 3 weeks ago, and my mood, along with sleep and energy, has changed DRAMATICALLY! I'm not even shitting you guys. 
I went from taking my anti depressants everyday, to every other day, to only when I need it now! 


So when are you going to take the chance and feel 200x better ?

What am I doing here ?

I make so many Supernatural quotes it makes me feel like a total geek, especially when people around me "don't get my reference". See, another Supernatural quote ! Anyway, one that I found really touching and completely relevant to EVERYONE, 

Be strong in the moments where you want to be weak because life itself is worth living for. If you’re not living the life you want, you fight for that life.


Seriously though, why are you doing things you don't want to do ? Why do you work at that bullshit job while someone else watches your kids? Why are you hating that person in the mirror ? What happened in your life that belittled you so much that you don't have respect for yourself ? 

I am no longer going to let someone make money off of me. I am taking control of my life and I want to help you too! 

Copy of Devote this year to loving yourself more.jpg

Learning to love yourself

I have so many tips and tricks that I have used in learning to love myself again.

A lot of them are super easy and some of them are very challenging, its a huge self exploration that every mom should go on. When you become a mom, you don't think of yourself as an individual, you think of yourself as that tiny human's mom. So you lose your own identity and you lose that love you had for yourself.

I'm here to help you and to teach you what I have learned about self-love. 

Want in ?


Becoming A Selfish Mom

I knew I needed a change shortly after my oldest son was born in 2015. I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression, we were struggling to make ends meet, as my work screwed up my maternity leave payments… twice.

I was losing and gaining weight. I struggled to love myself. I struggled with looking at myself in the mirror without crying.. I suffered like this for months!!

I was put on some anti depressants, which seemed to work for a while.. but something still felt wrong.  I didn’t know what it was I was missing in my life until February of 2017 when I was introduced with this life changing opportunity.

I initially started this thinking I wanted to be better for my children, but I later realized that I am in fact doing this for me. I am being a selfish mom.. For the first time in the two short years I had been a mom, I was finally doing something HUGE for MYSELF! I want to be better for myself. I need to be better.

my goals have been the same for years… have a family, be there, be happy..

My goals now? Kick ass, take names, be the best version of myself so I can be the BEST mom to my kids. Also, move to British Columbia so I can become a marine biologist, and study my spirit animal, whales. That’s a dream of mine too!

Moral of the story ? Its okay to be selfish when your a mom. Look at me go!