Becoming A Selfish Mom

I knew I needed a change shortly after my oldest son was born in 2015. I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression, we were struggling to make ends meet, as my work screwed up my maternity leave payments… twice.

I was losing and gaining weight. I struggled to love myself. I struggled with looking at myself in the mirror without crying.. I suffered like this for months!!

I was put on some anti depressants, which seemed to work for a while.. but something still felt wrong.  I didn’t know what it was I was missing in my life until February of 2017 when I was introduced with this life changing opportunity.

I initially started this thinking I wanted to be better for my children, but I later realized that I am in fact doing this for me. I am being a selfish mom.. For the first time in the two short years I had been a mom, I was finally doing something HUGE for MYSELF! I want to be better for myself. I need to be better.

my goals have been the same for years… have a family, be there, be happy..

My goals now? Kick ass, take names, be the best version of myself so I can be the BEST mom to my kids. Also, move to British Columbia so I can become a marine biologist, and study my spirit animal, whales. That’s a dream of mine too!

Moral of the story ? Its okay to be selfish when your a mom. Look at me go!